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First survey

Diogo Marques

Follows the first survey i made to refine my target group and try to undertand better the potencially users of my project. The plan is work on it after getting 100 answers or before the ende of March - what happens first

. It was made to refine my target and to undertand better my potential costumers.

Using the creative problem solving method

Diogo Marques


Using the Creative Problem Solving,  a proven method for approaching a problem or a challenge in an imaginative and innovative way. According this method, there are 6 steps broken down into 3 stages involved when people solve problems:

Explore the challenge

  • Objective Finding - Identify Goal, Wish or Challenge

How to create a network of gay young men interested in travel for fun together?

  • Fact Finding -Gather Data

 Tourism is the activities of person(s) staying in places outside their usual environmet for not more than one consesutive year (The World Tourism Organization, 1999). represents 5% of world encony,  handling over $ 980 million dollars in 2011 and 8% of the total world employment,

Europe accounts for more than a half of the tourists, wich 503 million arrivals), show that tourism of potentials of europena cities and destinations are enormous. Asia and the Pacific account for 216 million while America and Africa stand at 156 million and 50 million respectively

There is no LGBT market since the LGBT communities represent a broad and dynamic spectrum of interests, sensivities, preferences and priorities. Those, plus variations in geographical location, age, income and relatioship status, gender identity and more, make it even more important to discover wich opportunities will be better to achieve my goal.  That is whay i refined my target (men between 20/35 yo, single, who travel worldwide following big circuit parties) to try make my initiatives more efficient.

Those people love each travel and parties, are cosmopolitan,   earlier techonology adopters (hard users of social networks) and care a lot of friends tips and suggestions.

Pink money, party almost every day everywhere, gosta de viajar, é earlier adopter de tecnologia e redes sociais, está sempre em contato com outros consumidores e é cosmopolita.

  • Problem Finding - Clarify the Problems

Genrate Ideas

  • Idea Finding - Generate Ideas

    Prepare for action

    • Solution FindingSelect and Strengthen Solutions
    • Acceptance FindingPlan for Action