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Enjoy the best parties around the world with all the confort and making new friends

Disfruta las mejores fiestas del mundo con todo el confort y nuevos amigos

Aproveite as melhores festas do mundo com o máxico de conforto e novos amigos


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My master project - 2013

Diogo Marques


This website is the way i found to put all information i need to build my masters project's project, that will about how to intregate more gay young people from diferent countries and offer them new possibilities and experiences - maily trips - together.

About the problem

How to help young gay people to travel more?

When you ask people what they would like to do more in file, "travelling" is the first answer. When you ask young gay men (20-35) , the answer will completed by "travel where the parties are". This website is part of my Masters project "Amigo" that intend to put in cocontact people with the same interests giving them tips about where to go next. Let's party start!

About me

My name is Diogo , born on April 29, 1983 in Salvador da Bahia, a city in northeastern Brazil (the first capital of the country) known the joy of its people and for its carnival. I am a journalist and lawyer training, but dropped the second because I'm not very adpeto of formality and bureaucracy.
Living experiences unusual and surprising, alone or together, is my greatest passion. Therefore I love to travel, preferably without planning anything that will make my destiny. I've been in ten of the 13 countries of South America ('ll still know the Guyana and Suriname!), Lived in Mexico, Cuba, the USA (NY and Seattle), I traveled with backpacking through England, Italy and parts of Spain where today I live un studying Master, why this website.
My goal is to get more people who travel more. That means, after all, a chance to meet more people.