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Enjoy the best parties around the world with all the confort and making new friends

Disfruta las mejores fiestas del mundo con todo el confort y nuevos amigos

Aproveite as melhores festas do mundo com o máxico de conforto e novos amigos


Book Florianópolis....

Al momento esa pagina de internet esta escrita en portugués. Le pedimos disculpas por las molestias y le aseguramos de que estamos haciendo todo lo posible para mejorarlo. Se tienes alguna duda, puedes preguntar directamente al anfitrión.

Imagine living the Brazilian Carnival (Feb 13-18) at one of its most popular tourist destinations, especially for gay men: Florianópolis, or "Floripa" as the city is also known, the beautiful capital of Santa Catarina, one of three states in the south of the country...

... staying at a stunning Mansion...

✔ 5 bedrooms with 3 ensuite bathrooms

 2 extra bathrooms

 Air conditioning in all the rooms

✔ Heated swimming pool 


✔ Hot tub

High-speed Internet 

✔ Home theather

Parking for three cars 

✔  Full kitchen

✔ Sauna the center of the action: a walk way from Mole, the gay beach, and from The Week*, the club everybody goes...

* The Week hasn't announced its location for next year yet, butt he club has been doing all the parties in the part of the island since the first year being in Floripa in 2008.

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  Diogo is your host at The Mansion Florianópolis

Diogo is your host at The Mansion Florianópolis



... a brazilian host who will be staying at The Mansion, connect the team, and will provide all information and assistance to make your trip the very best experience...


... and the most important: interacting with other guys from all over the globe, much probably your next friends.

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Hurry up and book today. There is just 12 hot spots at The Mansion. Contact Diogoyour host , for booking or any further question.


  A Guest Tip: Save space in your suitcase for all of the swimsuits and nice clothes you want to bring to Florianópolis. The gym supplements are already here!   

A Guest Tip: Save space in your suitcase for all of the swimsuits and nice clothes you want to bring to Florianópolis. The gym supplements are already here!

✔  7 days and six nights (feb 13-18)* at one of the best houses in Florianópolis, the biggest Gay Carnival in Brazil

* Extra nights and complements on request

✔  High-speed wireless internet access

Access to a gym located inside the condo 

✔ All Inclusive system (health breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks and soft drinks served in The Mansion).

The Week all access parties wristband

✔ Airport shuttles

The best:

✔ Interacting with other guys from all over the globe

 ✔ Private parties

✔ A 24/7 available host to take care of every detail

Price per person:

* Room 3 has an extra small bed. You can add a friend paying US$ 745, half of the package price. The total per person would be US$ 1241

** Room 5 is really big and has an extra king-size bed - and and very spacious bathroom. You can add a friend in this bed or ask for an additional matress paying US$ 1050, half the price, for the thirth guest.  The total per guest would be  US$ 1750

 Room 3

Room 3

 Room's 3 bathroom jacuzzi

Room's 3 bathroom jacuzzi



1 - Fill the form below

2 - Pay in advance 30% of the complete booking through a paypal sent to your registered email

Important: If you are sharing a room with friends, please select one the group to make the payment: the ammount charged will be 30% of the room.  If you are coming alone and are sharing the room with guy in the same situation, you must pal 30% of your stay.

3- Answer the email regarded to your profile and questions to make your experience more meaningful

4- Pay the 70% remain ammount upon your arrive in cash (US dollars)

Important: If the group is arriving in different hours, we kindly ask you to any of team to pay the remain ammount individually.

Booking resposable *
Booking resposable
1, 2, 3, 4 or 5
Name / Email


Want to stay longer at The Mansio ? More day on demand.

Terms and Conditions:

 Prices per person

Check-in at 10am and check-out at 6pm.

Confirmation Policy:  You must pay a 30% reservation fee (PayPal email) and email the acceptance form to the in order to accept and confirm your place. The other 70% must be paid when you arrive.

Cancelation Policy: 45 days of travel, no fine; 30 days of travel, a fine of 50%; 15 days of travel, a fine of 100%.

All the guests must permit The Mansion, without further obligation to the company, to use their names, voices or photographes in print and electronic 
communications, publications, media relations and advertising. 

Remember: the main rule is you live great days at The Mansion
— The Mansion's doorman


Travellig alone? Not for too long!

These are the 2 options:

You can book a room to share with another single. We will then put you together with someone of your age and profile in the same room.

You can of course also pay for 2, and then you will have your room for single occupancy. In that case, until 2 weeks before departure, you can give us the name of a person joining you in your room at no extra cost.