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Enjoy the best parties around the world with all the confort and making new friends

Disfruta las mejores fiestas del mundo con todo el confort y nuevos amigos

Aproveite as melhores festas do mundo com o máxico de conforto e novos amigos


What we do

How it works

1 - We scour for the most anticipated and exciting festivals and parties around the globe. If you’ve attended one in the past and have a tip or review, please let us know by clicking here.














2 - For each event, we arrange a local host and together design the perfect immersive experience. This typically will include accomodation, transportaiton, food, access to a fitness center, party entry, etc.


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3 - Once the experience is designed, the offer is publicized online. Full payment is not required immediately - they may pay 30% online and the other 70% when they arrive at The Mansion.

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4- Each time a guest books a hot spot, their profile is shared on The Mansion’s event page. This allows potential new guests to contact each other before they meet.

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Like this:

 Damiano joined The  Man sion Madrid for New Year's

Damiano joined The Mansion Madrid for New Year's

  Autorizados por ele, divulgamos seu perfil no site e facebook the The Mansion. 

Autorizados por ele, divulgamos seu perfil no site e facebook the The Mansion. 

5 - One week prior to arrival at The Mansion, a Facebook group is created as well as a whatsapp group message. Guests are able to learn about each other so they aren’t meeting as strangers when they arrive.

6 - The Mansion awaits you...

Connect yourself to the virtual world, but don’t forget the real one
— The Mansion's doorman