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Enjoy the best parties around the world with all the confort and making new friends

Disfruta las mejores fiestas del mundo con todo el confort y nuevos amigos

Aproveite as melhores festas do mundo com o máxico de conforto e novos amigos




Common questions



What is The Mansion EPICA?

An Electronic Music and Tourism Festival in Porto de Galinhas (PE) between 30/1 (Friday) and 02/11 (Monday holiday) 2015.

How do I join?

You are able to purchase individual tickets to parties or the all access bracelet. Packages for The Mansion (the festival producer) packages are available below to help make your holiday more fun. 

Where can I buy tickets? What is the cost?

Prices and purchase locations will be announced soon.

Who will play at the festival?

Local Northeastern and other successful Brazilian DJs will be the majority of the line up, with one or two special international names to be announced soon.

How many parties are there? What are the hours of holidays? Where will they be held?

There will be five scheduled parties (see tentative schedule here) among daytime pool events, nighttime and after hours parties. The locations will be nightclubs and private venues throughout the PE area. The main party, on Saturday 01-11, will take place at the San Sebastian night club in Recife and will be in celebration of its partnership with our EPICA Festival. 

Is transportation to the parties provided?

There will be transfers leaving Recife (including airport pick ups and to and from San Sebastian) that will be sold separately. We also will organize tours of major cities of Pernambuco, Joao Pessoa, Campina Grande, Maceió, Aracaju, amongst others. If you wish to receive notifications with updated information, please fill out your information below.  

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Who can participate?

Anyone, male or female, over 18 years, with mandatory submission of ID or passport at the entrance of each event. Entry without ID will not be allowed inside the venues. 

Will the festival offer packages?

Yes, for those who want to stay in Dublin on festival days (we suggest that you do for convenience), The Mansion will offer a complete package that includes:

Accomodation in one of two mansions seaside
Transport to and from Recife airport and party shuttle
All Access party bracelet
Welcome dinner
Daily breakfast
Non-alcoholic drinks and protein shakes
The best part is being able to interact with others from around the world. Click here to read more about The Mansion. Find details and book here.

If you wish to stay in associated hotels, check back for announcements. 

Do packages provide flights?

 No. Tickets must be purchased individually. We suggest using the search engine Skycanner website (here)

What are the windows of time provided for transportation?

Recife -> Porto de Galinhas

30/10 Friday: noon to midnight, at any time indicated by the guest on the reservation

31/10 Saturday: noon to midnight, at any time indicated by the guest on the reservation

Porto de Galinhas -> Recife

01/01, Sunday: from 18h to 24h, at any time indicated by the guest on the reservation

02/01, Monday, from 06h noon, at any time indicated by the guest on the reservation

If your desired flight arrives late or outside of our time frames, please contact us to help arrange for you at no additional cost. 

What are the time frames for transfers to other cities?

Soon, we will announce the contact person responsible for transport in each city. At first, all pickups will be scheduled on Friday (30/10) and returns on Monday (02/11, holiday) in the afternoon.


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