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Enjoy the best parties around the world with all the confort and making new friends

Disfruta las mejores fiestas del mundo con todo el confort y nuevos amigos

Aproveite as melhores festas do mundo com o máxico de conforto e novos amigos


Guests profile / Room map

The Mansion Mykonos 2017


16 guests

6 from Brazil: Alex, Arnold, Eric, Michel, Ricardo, Rodrigo

3 from Venezuela: Franco, Jorge, Ubaldo

1 from Colombia: Nico

1 from Egypt: Khalil

1 from England: Jary

1 from Lebanon: Farid

1 from Spain: Leo

1 from Thailand: Bee (Worapon)

1 from USA: Edward

Room Map

Room 1


 Todd Edward Fort here, It will be great to finally meet everybody... I am from Michigan but live work in Shanghai/ Bangkok... I like pancakes for breakfast please :)

Hi guys. My name is Worapon from Thailand 🇹🇭  This will be my 2nd time for Mykonos. Looking forward to meeting everybody soon and here's Todd my roomie.

Room 2


Khalil (or Kay if you find it difficult). Where you from (country): Egypt. Where you live (city): Dubai 

Instagram link:      Dates you will be in Mykonos: aug 23 / sept 1


Hi Rami here, born and raised in London am Video director producer.
Fb rammy el
Looking forward to meeting you all

Room 3

Jorge - will share his profile soon

Farid - will share his profile soon

Room 4


This is Leo, from and living in Madrid (Colombian background) working as Maxillofacial Surgeon.
Looking forward to see you soon guys 🤜🏻🤛🏻


I'm Eric Abobo, 31 years old from Brazil, I'm a DJ. If you like Circuit house music you can listen to my mixes on SoundCloud or iTunes

Room 5


 Ricardo (left) @ricmarques_br,  district attorney from Cuiabá/Brazil, and Rodrigo (right), his friend and roomate

Room 6



Alex from Brazil...30 years old
Artist:Actor and Dancer working in cruise ships and international hotels...Expecting all the best about Mykonos/XLSIOR/The Mansion..."LET'S GO HAVE FUN GUYS"

Hi guys, my Name is Michel Danaze, 33 years old. I'm Beauty Artist and Trend Vision.
I was born in Brazil-Sp. I'm living in Brazil and Switzerland.
Facebook : Michel DanazeInstagram link:                       


Arnold Borges from Brazil. Born in Belo Horizonte but been living in São Paulo for the last 7 years.

Room 7

Nikolas .. i am from Colombia ... 25 years old..i live in Madrid .  My facebook link: In mykonos aug 23 /sep 1

Extra zone


Hi guys, my Name is Ubaldo Marin, i'myour chef at @themansion. Where you from (country): Venezuela. Where you live (city): Madrid Instagram link: I'm anxious to meet them all and share mykonos again.


Franco Brizzith, Where you from (country): Venezuela , Where you live (city): Madrid, Instagram : Dates you will be in Mykonos: 22