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Enjoy the best parties around the world with all the confort and making new friends

Disfruta las mejores fiestas del mundo con todo el confort y nuevos amigos

Aproveite as melhores festas do mundo com o máxico de conforto e novos amigos



Want to join The Mansion Tel Aviv?

Take a look who already booked a hot spot in the house


Name: Fabiano
Age: 26
Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil
Where do you live? Moscow
Occupation: DJ
Sign: Virgo
Height: 1,75m
Weight: 80kg
Favourite trip: Universo Paralello Festival, 2006 in Brazil, because it was 7 days of non stop party, in a desert island, with crazy people from all over the world.
Why Tel Aviv Pride? Because i want to try it
Why The Mansion? Because i am sure it will be great


Name: Fernando
Age: 25
Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil
Where do you live? Stuttgart, Germany
Occupation: business
Sign: Pisces
Height: 1,75m
Weight: 77kg
Favourite trip: Maldives Islands, a unique place which may dissapear soon
Why Tel Aviv Pride? Because everybody is going!
Why The Mansion? What can be better than meeting people and stay at a very comfortable place with all the facilities we need?

Age: 32
Hometown: Magadan
Height: 175 cm
Wight: 75 kg
What languages do you speak? Russian, English
Why Tel Aviv? Pride
Why The Mansion? Don’t know